Welcome To The American Pie Party.

Dedication: This web site is dedicated to my father, Emery Arthur Sobony, and other Americans who have fallen victim to cancer.

Mission Statement: The American Pie Party raises philanthropic support for cancer agencies by orchestrating an “environment of healing” through quintessential humor and the actual physical act of throwing a pie in the face of a willing participant. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can host their own replicable Satellite Pie Party with funds benefiting their chosen anti-cancer charity, allowing cancer survivors the right to throw the pies.

   Call To Action: Dedicated volunteers recruit celebrities, people who celebrate life, to organize auctions, raffles, golf outings, human checkers, or any other competitive events. Our objective is to raise funds and visibility for specific cancer affiliations. CLICK HERE to see our Dedicated to Soupy Sales PiePal Video.

The American Pie Party solicits sponsors through the United States mail, e-mailing, PayPal on this website and personal contacts. American Pie Party has now obtained 501c3 tax exempt statusAny donations you may contribute are now tax deductible.

FREE AMERICAN PIE PARTY KIT! – The fundraiser that touches you! Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere can host their own event. See our “events” page for possibilities.

Thanks and Goodpie!
Tony Sobony